Monday, July 4, 2016

4.) It's Easy To Remember

Hello.  For the fourth recording of this project, recorded on the 4th of July, the song is It's Easy to Remember by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.  The classic Rodgers and Hart.  There are many great recordings of this song.  Notable for me are John Coltrane's recording from his record Ballads, and Sinatra's recording on his album Close To You.  I also checked out the original Bing Crosby performance in the film Mississippi.  And, there's quite and influential YouTube video of Mulgrew Miller playing this tune.  It's one of the things that sparked my interest in these kind of arrangements.

This has been a difficult week to get on the piano.  I spent a week in Minnesota visiting family, which was wonderful.  My parents, brother, and sister are prolific gardeners, all of them.  Now that I have a house and yard of my own, I've been trying to be a gardener too.  I gardened in Brooklyn, but this is a whole new level.  So I was working pretty hard at it and studying.  I was pretty inspired by my family's gardens, so when I got back to Beacon, I spent most of the days working outside.  It was great.  Plus, we got chickens!  Our friends Sara and Justin bought a house in Beacon in December, which had a coop.  They didn't want chickens, so they offered us the coop.  After some property designing and placement consideration, I finally erected that coop and last Thursday we bought some Speckled Sussex hens.  So I've been busy making modifications to the coop, building a run, moving perennials out of said run, and just watching the hens.  They are fascinating.  I could sit in a homemade adirondack chair and watch them all day.

So this post is overdue, although I'm trying not to think of this project on a strict schedule.  But it's really only been piano time after the sun goes down.  A little of that is good in the summertime, right?  I'll let the music do the talking this time.  I hope you enjoy It's Easy To Remember.  Thanks for listening.

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